Drowning is Preventable

The Lifesaving Society designates the third week in July as National Drowning Prevention Week (NDPW) to focus community and media attention on the drowning problem and drowning prevention. NDPW provides a focus around which community Water Smart® educators can plan news releases, do television and radio interviews, and deliver public demonstrations and other events. Many successful community events are launched with a Mayor’s Proclamation of Drowning Prevention Week.
The themes below are suggestions for how you can target your NDPW campaign to use specific messages targeted to address trends seen in Lifesaving Society drowning reports and the data from the Drowning Prevention Research Centre. The key messages can be used on social media. Be sure to include the #NDPW2017 hashtag.


Social media is a great way to raise awareness and promote drowning prevention. Here are a few sample social media posts for National Drowning Prevention Week. Remember to use the hashtag #NDPW and #DrowningIsPreventable with your posts!                                               

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The main messages below were selected because of the major risk factors presented in the Canadian Drowning Report – 2017 Edition.
• If you’re not within arms’ reach, you’ve gone too far. Always supervise children.
• Boat sober. Alcohol consumption is a factor in almost 40% of boating-related                    fatalities.
               • Choose It. Use It. Always wear a Lifejacket or PFD.
               • Lifejackets don’t work if you don’t wear them. Not wearing a Lifejacket or                          PFD was a factor in 82% of boating deaths.
               • Approximately 500 Canadians die in preventable water-related incidents                           annually. Even one drowning is one too many.

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 GET INVOLVED DURING NDPW                                                             

• Promote National Drowning Prevention Week and Lifesaving Society by sharing our website or the NDPW banner on your own website. Click the NDPW logo on our homepage to find links to drowning prevention resources!

• Talk to friends, colleagues, customers and family about drowning prevention. Help us spread the message by encouraging them to be safe in, on and around the water.

      • Retweet, like, post and share National Drowning Prevention Week content on your social media channels. Don't forget to tag #NDPW and @LifesavingBCYK so we can see  your posts!

• Share pictures from local NDPW events with us! We would love to feature them on our social media and in a future edition of the Lifeliner.



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• Host an event at your pool. Purchase posters, pencils, tattoos, and Swim to Survive Day t-shirts!

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National Drowning Prevention Week is an annual public education and drowning prevention initiative of the Lifesaving Society with the goal of reducing the number of water-related fatalities and near drowning incidents through the promotion of key water safety messages.


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