About Lifesaving Competition


Annually the BC & Yukon Branch presents lifeguards with opportunities to test their lifeguarding and lifesaving skills in fair and challenging environments.  Participants in these competitions can learn new techniques, share ideas and learn more about lifeguarding and lifesaving. All competitors and athletes, whether first year or seasoned veterans, benefit from these competitions.

Not all lifesaving sport participants take part in competition but for those who do, the Society offers Branch and national championships as well as Junior Lifeguard TeleGames.  In addition, may sanctioned local and regional competitions are organized in communities every year.

 The promotion of competition was one of the aims of the Lifesaving Society at its formation in 1891.

Through lifesaving sport, the Society seeks to engage and inspire youth in our drowning prevention mission. Towards this end, we established a lifesaving sport system in Canada consistent with world events and managed by a Lifesaving Sport Commission with specific terms of reference defining its roles and responsibilities.

Our lifesaving sport aims are:

  • To support the drowning prevention work of the Lifesaving Society and its humanitarian mission.
  • To provide athletes, coaches and officials opportunities for participation in lifesaving sport at all levels from developmental to high performance.
  • To position the Lifesaving Society internationally as a leader in lifesaving sport

While lifesaving competition in Canada has changed significantly since the Society’s first Canadian Lifeguard Championships in 1977, some things never change. Our humanitarian mission remains the foundation of all of the Society’s activities.

The BC and Yukon Branch Lifeguard Championships consist of the:

  • Barnsley Branch Lifeguard Championship
  • DB Perks Cup Championship
  • Schon Cup Championship and
  • TeleGames for Junior Lifeguard competitors

2017 Lifeguard Competitions:

Early in the summer competition season is a great time to approach Superviors, Head Guards, Coaches and Managers to have them consider hosting a lifeguard competition this season.  The Competition Committee and the Branch are always looking for facilities to host regional meets, in addition to the Branch Championships.

The Competition Committee is available as a resource to help you plan and organize an event. You don't need any experience to host and organize a competition.  Most competitions take only a few hours or at most a day, depending on what events are run. Invite people from your local community to experience the event - to watch or even participate. It is a great way to market your facility and an excellent training opportunity for competitors and staff.

Please contact Kim TownSchon at  guardcomps@lifesaving.bc.ca   for more information


About Lifesaving Competition